Autism CREW

Kara Burroughs: A1 Teacher

Kara is an autism specialist teacher at Tollgate Elementary. This will be her 8th year teaching special education and 2nd year working with students with Autism at Tollgate. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three year old daughter, reading and exercising. Kara is an alumni of Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she earned a degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. She recently completed her Masters program in Special Education from Walden University and continues to find ways to improve herself as an educator. Kara is excited for another year working in the Tollgate community.


Morgan McBroom: A2 Teacher

Morgan is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She went to college at Azusa Pacific University and graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors in Special Education. Morgan is currently pursuing her Masters in Special Education from Colorado Christian University. Morgan is getting married in December of this year and can’t wait! Morgan loves children especially children with special needs! She loves spending time in the mountains hiking and skiing.


Sarah Goldman: A3 Teacher

Sarah teaches in a K-5 Autism classroom. Her students are her whole world! When she is not working though, Sarah enjoys hiking, camping and working out with her husband and their two big dogs.


Autism Paraprofessionals

Dannielle Hutchison: A1 Paraprofessional

Dannielle was born and raised in Colorado. She recently obtained her degree in special education. She loves working at Tollgate, she believes that the students and the staff will help her become a better teacher, mom and overall a role model to others. Outside of school, you can find Dannielle spending time with her son, listening to music and watching TV/movies.


Lilian Atunu: A1 Paraprofessional

Lilian is from Nigeria, West Africa. Lilian is the mother of four young adults between the ages of 24 and 18, whom she's super proud of. Whenever she says this, people give her this sly look, and ask, so how old were you when you had them? which she responds with... "Well, I had my first child a day to my 25th birthday, so I am 49 years old".

Lilian worked for 23 years in her country as an Administrator in the Local Government before she temporarily relocated to the U.S. to be with her children who are in different colleges in Colorado. Since she moved here, she has engaged in teaching- subbed and now a special education paraprofessional, caregiving and very recently IT. Her plan is to try out new fields and develop herself as far as she can go in one area before returning to her country.

Lilian is truly happy to be a crew member!


Laura H Garcia: A2 Paraprofessional

Laura was born in El Paso, Texas. She moved to Colorado in 2001 and graduated from Aurora Public Schools. Laura has been working for Tollgate for two years and enjoys seeing students grow academically and socially. In her free time, you can find Laura watching a good movie and playing with her ferrets.


Tyler Wayman: A2 Paraprofessional

Tyler is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He is currently in the process of getting his degree from Metro State. Tyler has been a paraprofessional for 4 years. He likes Tollgate because he enjoys working with the diverse group of students. In his free time, Tyler likes to play video games!


Daryl Marshall: A3 Paraprofessional

Daryl was born in Detroit, Michigan and is the youngest of 5 boys. His interests are listening to and singing gospel music and watching action movies. He also loves to draw. He worked at Mile High Child Care for about 10 years and worked closely with 5-year-old children in the Montessori setting. Daryl is an outgoing person who has a lot of energy, he likes to be moving all the time. He has been in the hospitality field most of his life. Since been at Tollgate, the children have captured my heart. So, I have decided to become a para-professional here. I want to be a person of trust for the new generation.


Anabel Badilla Gonzalez : A3 Paraprofessional

Anabel has been A CREW member for three years, before coming to Tollgate Anabel worked in Baja California, Mexico in Bilingual International School teaching Kinder and elementary school for over 10 years. Anabel loves to spend time with her Family. On her free time Anabel likes to bike and enjoying wild life outdoors.


Terri Thompson: A3 Paraprofessional

This is Terri's 3rd year at Tollgate and 4th year with A.P.S. Terri previously worked in the airline industry for 21 years and in banking prior to that. She loves working with the amazing kids and staff at Tollgate. Every day she learns something new in Art, Expedition Lab, Preforming Arts or in one of the teacher’s classes that she gets to spend time in. Terri loves Mrs. Reynolds’ PE classes because that was always her favorite class in school and she makes it so fun.

When not at Tollgate, Terri spends time with her husband, daughter and parents. She has a group of close friends and her true love is Ollie the Wirehaired Fox Terrier. Terri and her husband love to travel, go to Broncos games and spend time in the mountains.