Tollgate Highlights

92 third graders decorated the outside of our school for their celebration of learning on Accessing Education Around the World. Collaborating with the Art teacher, Ashley Orne, students worked for four months, wheat pasting their art to the side of the school to create something beautiful.

Video Credit: Brandon Orne

Students are empowered when teachers help them to realize how to use their knowledge and passion to make a positive impact on their community. Tollgate teachers and students took part in the Better World Project to show students the meaning of service as well as put a smile on someone's face.

Video Credit: Emilie Lehrer




Tollgate's fifth-grade students participated in a project that explored what humans have felt what is worth fighting for throughout history.


The K/1 CREWS applied their learning about plants, worms, and soil in expedition to get the green house up and running! Students grew many different plants from radishes, lettuce, to beans! After successfully growing these plants, students then made a healthy snack to enjoy!

Video Credit: Nichol Castinado