What is EL Education?

What is EL Education?

EL Education Schools (ELS) is a national, non-profit organization that partners with schools to improve student achievement, build student character, enhance instructional practices and foster a positive school culture.

Why is Tollgate working with EL Education Schools?

Expeditionary Learning provides rigorous professional learning for teachers that results in higher achievement gains for all students through:

  • A rigorous and engaging curriculum based on state and national standards.
  • Active, inquiry based learning strategies.
  • A school culture that demands and teaches compassion and good citizenship.
  • Engaging topics and rich learning experiences that result in high quality products and presentations of learning.
  • Tollgate Elementary School was selected to be an EL Education School because of its mission, vision and strong commitment to high achievement for all students.

What new things can I expect for my student as a result of the work with EL Education Schools?

    • Reading, writing and math skills will be strengthened and deepened through real world learning and field experiences.
    • Students will be taking a more active role in setting learning and achievement goals.
    • Teachers will place a greater focus on student reflection and revision.
    • Students will form a deeper connection to the school community and to the world around them.
    • Students will showcase their work through public presentations and performances.