Music is a vital part of your child’s education.

Students at Tollgate Expeditionary Learning attend music classes weekly. 

Music classes at Tollgate combine music with both drama and dance to ensure a solid foundation in the arts. Drumming, singing, dancing, acting and playing pitched and non-pitched instruments occur on a daily basis. Emphasis is placed on creativity and critical thinking skills.

In each grade you will find students applying the elements of the creative process through a variety of experiences and activities by…

Fifth Grade

  • Improvising and creating original movement.
  • Singing and playing various musical styles with techniques and timing.
  • Sharing peer feedback to improve the quality of the class or group performance.




Fourth Grade

  • Performing dance sequences that emphasize the elements of dance.
  • Exploring different ways to change a musical phrase for a specific intention.
  • Discussing details about personal performances or the performances of others.




Third Grade

  • Mirroring basic dance combinations by the teacher.
  • Echoing rhythms clapped by the teacher.
  • Giving helpful feedback to classmates about their performances.




Second Grade

  • Playing a variety of simple songs with pitched and non-pitched instruments.
  • Exploring emotions, sounds and body posture to bring a character to life.
  • Participating in class discussions about a live theatre performance.



First Grade

  • Demonstrating simple elements of dance.
  • Singing and clapping rhythms in a song.
  • Talking about physical traits of storybook characters.




  • Speaking, chanting, and singing expressively.
  • Copying movements demonstrated by others.
  • Using a variety of vocal sounds and movements to imitate a character from a story.




“Elemental music is never just music.

It is bound up with movement, dance and speech, and so it is a form

of music in which one must participate, in which one is involved not as a listener

but as a co-performer.”

Carl Orff